Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Last Night's Layout and Emotional Post. Prayers Needed!

Made this LO last night for my daughters ROTC instructor who is who favorite teachor, mentor and who has really inpired, motivated and taught her so much the past two years. I love how it turned out! Both Kevin and Kristina are going to journal something on the bottom to him and then we'll have it framed.

Monday... busy day at work. Didn't feel well again. Stomach issues. I'm not sure if what I ate yesterday was just to rich since I've been doing Weight Watcher or what.. but I just didn't feel well. Feeling a little better tonight thankfully.

Kevin has one more day of school left and Kristina has been a bag of emotions lately. She and Kevin have been arguing non-stop for the past two months. Every day she comes home from school in a bad mood, upset about something Kevin did or didn't do. I know it's alot for her with him leaving in a few months for the Marines, but they've got to sit down and talk about all these issues. I told her today I can't stand it anymore. She was crying hysterically. To the point of hyperventalating. That hard of a cry. I felt angry and helpless. Angry that Kevin was being so insensitive to her feelings and helpless that I can't make it all better.

I sat Kevin down today and told him how I felt and what I thought of the situation. I started crying when I was talking to him, and I aplogized for being so emotional, but you see I have really grown to love this kid like my own son. I want all the best for him. He's a wonderful young man with a lot going for him. We'll see what happens.

Just after my conversation with Kevin, I get a phone call alerting me that my father in law had a stroke this morning and is in the hospital. I had to go wake Bennie up out of a dead sleep and delivery the news to him. His younger brother had called him early this afternoon to tell him, but called his cell phone which was turned off and on the charger. I can't believe his brother doesn't have our home phone number and didn't think to call the house. So, for several hours all the family is wondering why Bennie hasn't called to check on Dad. Then after I tell Bennie, what does he do? He goes back to sleep with the cell phone turned on waiting for a callback from another brother for an update? WTH???

I can't IMAGINE getting a call that my dad is in the hospital after having a stroke and not getting in the car to go to the hospital to see him. I just don't get it. Bennie and I are Sooooo different when it comes to family. All he did was call the hospital and talk to his step mom to find out how his dad was doing. He did get to talk to his dad for a few minutes, but there's damage and his speech is definately impaired. He'll be in the hospital a few more days for tests and monitoring. He's lost all feeling on one side. I just pray he's going to be okay.So, please say a pray for Stan.. his dad.. he can sure use all he can get.

Adios for now.


bookit said...

i hope things get better soon!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Praying that things get better soon!!

Becca said...

Prayers for your family.


BonnieRose said...

I'll be praying for you and your loved ones.... be strong, have faith.