Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finally... Rain!!

Finally! We got rain...

Monday we had a huge brush fire about 5 miles from my home. Totally shut down Intersate 75 north and southbound. Several neighborhoods were evacuated. Luckily, no houses were damaged and no injuries. It's pretty scary knowing you could lose your livelyhood in a flash. It's been so dry here and hot lately.

Woke up yesterday to thunder, lightening and a downpour that lasted a couple hours. I believe we got atleast 2-3 inches of rain in that short 4 hour timeframe.

I've got to finish Kevin's scrapbook that I'm doing for his graduation present. I just had ton's more digital photos developed. His mom had given me a lot of photos to scrap but I was missing 9th and 10th grade. Since my daughter and Kevin started dating at the beginning of his junior year, I had plenty of pictures to scrap from 11th and his senior year. Now I've got to get moving and get these pages done!

If any of you have done a graduation album, I'd love to see your pages! I'm trying to do a few dedication pages from the important people in his life. I contacted his best friend in AZ to ask him to write a paragraph or so to him to put with his picture in the scrapbook.. sort of a memory page written to Kevin reminiscing the good times and memories they made together. I've got his Mom, Dad, Sister and several other close friends doing the same thing.