Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elsie Drew My Name!!!

Oh my gosh.. I am sooooooooo excited!!

I entered a raffle at Ruban Rouge this weekend when Elsie Flanagan was there teaching and I just received an email from the owner Lisa.. saying that Elsie drew my name!!

I've won a tote bag filled with a plethora of scrapbooking goodies! I can't wait to get it!! I 'm heading to Ruban Rouge on Friday night to crop so I will pick it up then and post a picture of it on Saturday!

Pinch Me!! I never win anything!

Now..on to Sophia's Blogger Challange..

list your ten all-time favorite TV shows, list ten shows that you've never cared for and any other feelings you might have about television!

My Top 10 favorite TV shows:

1. Grey's Anatomy- It's the best show I've ever watched on TV. Totally sucks you in.
2. Law and Order- SVA- Love this show. The story lines all keep me watching.
3. Whose Line Is It Anyway- I love to laugh! This show just totally cracks me up. Love Wayne Brady and the whole gang of comedians and especially love the skits. Good belly laughing!
4. Friends- good laughs and I just love Jennifer Anniston in this show.
5. Little House On The Prairie- don't watch this anymore but I never missed it growning up. Loved this show.
6. Deal or No Deal- I am totally addicted to this new game show! It Rocks!
7. The Cosby Show- Bill Cosby is one of my favorites.. always makes me laugh.
8. American Idol- just started watching it faithfully last season when Carrie Underwood won. Although Chris Daughtery was my favorite to win this season. I'm still watching. It was sad to see him voted off. I think by far he was the BEST.
9. The Bachelor- Bachelorette- Love watching these too. Just for the entertainment.
10. Justice Files and City Confidential on A&E. I love true crime stories.

TV shows I don't watch:

1. Married with Children- UGH..
2. The Simpsons- I too never let my kids watch that show!
3. Jerry Springer- what trash!
4. Survivor- never could get into that show.
5. Big Brother- stupid stupid stupid
6. Seinfeld
7. WWF- Wrestling
8. Golf- I find it very boring
9. Late Nite with David Letterman- OMG he gets on my last nerve.. like fingernails on a chalkboard
10. Conan O'Brian- another on that gets on my nerves!


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