Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Peas Blogger Challange- 9/18

I've really missed these challanges. My life has been so busy lately, but I decided last night I've got to get back to scrapping. I love it to much!'s today's question: If you became a scrapbooker-for-hire, who would you want to work for and scrap their life story? Why? This can be a distant relative, friend, celebrity, or historical or not.

I would want to scrapbook Garth Brooks' life. He is such a wonderful person inside and out and has accomplished so many things in his short life. From becoming an overnight sensation, to the biggest selling solo artist, to retiring for the sake of his kids and all the charity work he does. I'd be busy for years trying to scrap it all.

Cool challange!!

I'm a Bad Blogger!

Life has been insanely (is that a word?) busy lately...

I don't even know where to start.. but I'll try.

We said our goodbye's to Kevin on Labor Day. It was bittersweet, but knowing we'll see him in 13 weeks is something to look forward to. I miss him like crazy. Things just aren't the same without him here. We got a few letters from him last week and he sound very upbeat and positive so that is GOOD NEWS!!

I haven't had much time for scrapping lately, but I did get 3 layouts finished last weekend. I've got to take pictures of them and post them. I'll try to do that this week.

My photography business is starting to take off. I've got quite a few sessions booked and am really looking forward to them. I'm still trying to book some babies and family sessions. I have lots of High School Seniors books and I'm really loving working with the teens! They are so much fun.

I may be doing a wedding next May. That scares the HELL out of me.

Check out my new website. I have it up and running now.