Friday, January 19, 2007

Tampa, Florida

Just thought I'd share a few photos from beautiful downtown Tampa...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


A - Aphrodisiac. What turns you on? My husband when he wears Azzaro. Oh My..
B - BFF. Who’s your best friend? Kelli.. I don't spend nearly enough time with her.. must change that this year!
C - Celeb. Favorite? Matthew McConaughey Most annoying? David Letterman
D - Drink. What’s your poison? Diet Coke. I'm addicted horribly! I'm ashamed to admit it's the first thing I go for when I get up in the morning.
E - Everyday essentials. What do you use everyday? The computer, my cellphone and TIVO!
F - Fav. color. What’s your signature color? Blue!!
G - Groove. What music are you enjoying today? Keith Urban's new CD. LOVE IT!!
H - Hot! Who’s hot? Who’s not? Mmm-Matthew and Patrick Dempsey. Who’s not? Rosie and Donald
I - Indulgence. Dish about your guilty pleasure. I love to sleep in late.
J - {dream} Job. What would you do? Travel Photography for a Travel Magazine.
K - Kitchen Companion. Most used item in your kitchen? The icemaker.. I have to have ice filled to the brim in my cup!
L- Life is incomplete without. . . my family.
M - Mc. . . What would you "Mc"? I have no idea
N - Natural or dyed? dyed and highlighted
O - Outrageous Outfit. What’s hiding your closet that you’re dying to wear? A white linen summer outfit I bought two years ago. Need to lose a few pounds to get back in it.
P - Pet Peeve. What makes you absolutely crazy? When people don't look you in the eye when talking to you. When my kids have friends over and they don't say hello or goodbye.
Q - Quote. Share some inspiration. "Life is not about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away."
R - Restaurant you give rave reviews Outback Steakhouse
S - Starbucks order. Usually a Cappuccino
T - Television. What keeps you glued to the couch? Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order.
U - Ultimate Vacation Destination - Germany!
V - Virtual Babe Name. What’s your online ID? ~gatorgirl65~
W - Wonder Woman. What woman leaves you in awe? My mother...she is my hero and and my inspiration.
X - eX - cited! The Gators won the National Championship!!
Y - Youth in a bottle. What keeps you feeling young at heart? Friends, Music and Laughter!
Z - Zodiac sign - Cancer

Monday, January 08, 2007

Just a few recent pictures...

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