Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Blogger Challange- Two Peas

What is one thing that look forward to these few days before Christmas??

Finishing up my shopping and wrapping my presents. I can't stand having a tree with no presents under it. I've been behind on my shopping and wrapping and my goal is to get it all finished by Friday! I don't want to go NEAR the stores or malls this weekend when it's total mayhem and chaos.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Peas Blogger Challange

I'm just getting back into scrapbooking again after a long hiatus. I saw this challange on 2 peas this morning and wanted to participate.


1. Spending time with my hubsband and two children as a family.
2. Sunday dinners at my parents house.
3. Christmas Shopping with my Dad. It's a tradition that we go together every year to shop for my mom. I LOVE spending time with my dad.
4. Playing Canasta with my mom. Even better when I can beat her! Most of the time she's unbeatable!
5. Baking with my niece. She loves to bake brownies, cookies or cakes. We have so much fun doing this together.
6. Connecting with my Garth Buds.. either by phone or in person.. but especially when we get together AND get to see Garth too!
7. Garth Brooks Music.. it speaks to my soul.
8. Photography.. I love to take pictures.
9. Sunsets
10. Watching my children grow up to be strong, confident young adults.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Have you ever lost touch with a special person from you past?

I have been searching for over 20 years for my childhood best friend Cathleen Vegvary. I finally found her tonight! THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE!!!!

All I did was type her name in and up came a list of matches.. The first one was a link to a church website that she is involved in and listed her phone number to contact.

As I sat here thinking "Could this really be her?" I decided what do I have to lose. So I dialed the number.

Here's how the conversation went:

CV- Hello
ME- Is this Cathleen Vegvary?
CV- Yes
ME- I know this may sound wierd and I'm not sure I have the right Cathleen Vegvary but...
CV- Well you must have the right one, I'm the only Cathleen Vegvary I know of.
ME- Did you used to live in Tampa when you were a child?
CV- yes
ME- Did you live in a neighborhood called Cherry Creek?
ME- OMG (starting to cry
CV- OMG, OMG How did you find me???
ME- I can't believe I found you!! I went to and typed in your name and it came up with a church website that gave your phone number!!

So we talked for almost 3 hours tonight!! Caught up on the last 30 years since we last talked.. OMG it was WONDERFUL!!! I'm so happy!!