Friday, May 12, 2006

Countdown to Elsie Flanagan!!

I get to spend 14 hours with Elsie Flanagan on Saturday!! She's going to be teaching classes all weekend at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor.

My mother's day gift to myself is to take all three of her classes.. can't wait!! Then she'll be staying to crop with everyone from 6 to midnight. I'm so excited!!

I've still got to gather a few items for my project assignments. I'm doing a Me layout.. a Favorite Family Photos album and My Hometown Album...

I decided I'm going to start asking a Question Du Jour.. my friend J does this on her blog. If you are a country music lover... check out her blog. She works for XM Radio in Nashville and has THE coolest job on the planet!

so today's

Question Du Jour...

Who is your favorite "celebrity" scrapbook artist?

I love Elsie Flanagan and Donna Downey. Two totally different people but I love both of their styles. I get alot of inspiration from the two!


melissa said...

you lucky girl you, Elsie rocks!

My favorite scrapbook celebrity is Heidi Swapp, and I am so excited because I am going to meet her on May 27th at my favorite LSS!!

*Kristal* said...

1) Totally jealous of the Elsie thing!!! Lucky you!
2) I can't say any one person. I'm trying to find my own style right now, but I do love all the Autumn Leaves bks, especially Free Style.
Love the question Du Jour...this could be fun!

Jessica said...

Have a great time with Elsie. She looks like (and everybody says that)she's a total sweetheart. I'm jealous!!

I have a lot of fave scrap celebs -- my favorites are Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, and Heidi Swapp.

I love the question du jour thing. Good idea.

alecia*grimm said...

Have a great time with Elsie@! SHe is a sweetie & her classes are fun. What a great Mother's Day treat.

tracie said...

Yay for you.What a treat
Happy Mother's day. I wish we would get anybody that is even remotely talented visiting our scrapbook stores but we are a little out of the way..LOL

Have a great time

Alohi said...

I'm a new Elsie fan... so don't forget to post pics.
Have a great mother's day.

Artsyfartsy1 said...

Hey's Shawn/artsyfartsy1 stopping in to say HEY!