Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday's Blog Challange -Random Questions

1. How did you get into scrapbooking?
About 2 years ago, my girlfriend who is a CM consultant asked me to host a crop for her. I did, purchased tons of stuff, and never really took off with scrapping. Fast forward to January of this year.. I looked at the all scrapping stuff I bought that was just sitting there collecting dust and decided it was time to get busy! Now, I'm feverishly excited about getting my albums done!

2. How do you define your style?
Definately don't have a style yet.. I love reading through magazines and searching the albums online of other scrappers to get ideas.

3. Do you like scrapbooking with other people?
Yes!! I just wish I could find more people close to me to scrap with. My CMC friend lives 45 miles away!

4. Do you have friends that scrapbook with you?
Yes and No, I'm going to a crop this weekend, but unfortunately I don't have friends close by to crop with more regularly.

5. Do you ever scrapbook about yourself?
I haven't yet, but definately will.

6. Do you scraplift? If yes/no, why?
Haven't yet, but I plan to..

7. Do you stamp in your scrapbook pages?
Not yet, but I'm looking into getting a set of Alpha Stamps.


kajira said...

Hi there, Monica! Nice to meet you and to read about your scrapping journey! Welcome to the wonderfully obsessive world of scrapbooking! I'm sure being on Two Peas REALLY opened up the scrap-world for you! Good luck as you go!

Michelle W. said...

hi Monica! Thanks for playing. I love scrapbook with people but I never get stuff done. LOL. Thanks for joining us at the blogging thread!