Sunday, February 26, 2006

Successful Scrapping Weeking!

I had a great weekend scrapping! I posted the photos of the layouts I finished below and have started my next LO.

I experimented with the flowers and brads. Used my foam and rubber stamps and used one LO with ribbon. I'm not crazy about that LO. Have to play around more with using the ribbon.

Here's Michelle's Blogger Challange for Sunday:

We all love our family. But... There's always something they do that annoys you. What's on your list?

Let's see... without going overboard, because I could list a top 10 things that annoy me for my DH, DS and DD.... I'll just list one for each!

Husband- we have a dry erase bulletin board in the kitchen. EVERY SINGLE DAY he writes a chore list of things to do for each of us.. me, my son and my daughter. It drives me nutts! WE already know what we need to do! UGH!!

Son- Leaves his dirty clothes in the bathroom on the floor.

Daughter- She never closes the bread back up with the twist tie. She just spins and tucks the plastic under! Drives me batty!


Michelle W. said...

LOL. I know, we could all go on and on about them can't we. I think it's funny your dh wrote down everything. Is he always this organized?


Bonzairn said...

LOL - love the clothes on the bathroom floor - let me know if you found a cure for that one!