Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nashville... Here I come...

Friday Morning I'm heading to Nashville to see Trisha in concert at the Opry. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a Garth siting... This is a photo of them tonight at the Grammy's. Trisha looks beautiful!

Some of you are probably wondering what my fascination is with Garth. Well.. I've been a fan of his from Day ONE. In 1998 when he was doing his last world tour, I start surfing the internet for Garth related info and found this website Well, a year later, the website owner asked me to take over the forums (message board). Through my affiliation with planetgarth, I've had the opportunity to meet Garth and become friends with him. He's the most awesome, genuine, humble person you'll ever meet. I swear I'm not a groupie or a stalker. If you are a Garth fan, check out the site and join us in the forums at we'd love to have you!

Garth's new album- The Lost Sessions is available now at Walmart! 17 new songs previously recorded and they are all awesome. I'm totally loving this new CD.
Meet Me In Love is one of my favorites and his re-make of "Fishin In The Dark" is unbelievable.

I'm going to hang out for the weekend with the girls in Nashville. Friday Night we're going to the Blue Bird. I think we're doing the Hall of Fame on Saturday and who knows what on Sunday.

Can't wait to see Joyce! She's my best bud who lives in Nashville and is an executive producer for XM Satelite radio Highway 16. She has a great blog where she keeps us all up to date on her country music gossip and happenings in Music city. Check out the link below if you're a country music fan.

Well enough rambling... going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!



Michelle W. said...

I'm not a big country music fan. But I'm a Garth Brook fan (ok, I guess George Straight too)

It's great you get to head to Nashville! Have fun