Sunday, February 05, 2006

Busy Weekend..

Trying to catch up on the weekend's events. I'm a day or two behind in blogging and didn't get a single scrapbooking page done. Didn't even have time to touch it. My daughter is in ROTC and is on the drill team and color guard for our ROTC unit at the high school.

Friday night was sleepover night at the gym for the ROTC competition. We always sleep over the night before so all the cadets are ready; uniforms must be perfect, shoes shined, routines perfected. We always have a great time. I'm so lucky to have such a great group of parents on the booster club that helps support our kids.

Saturday morning, we headed to USF for the Battle of The Bulls challange. We placed 4th overall out of 18 high schools and took 1st place for the Color Guard! This was the first time we've ever won first place in Color Guard. What a great accomplishment. The four cadets (including Kristina DD) were all new to the competition Color Guard team. They placed 6th overall two weeks ago with one week of practicing their routine together. Well two more weeks of practicing everyday and they took home the 1st place trophy! After only getting 3 hours of sleep Friday night, I came home from the competition on Saturday and was exhausted. My SIL decided to come over for a visit and stay the night. Ending up not being able to go to bed as early as I would have liked.

Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church. I hadn't been to church yet this year. I was sick the entire month of January with that cold and flu going around. It was great to see all my friends...I had missed them! Anyway.. we went to our friends house tonight to watch the Superbowl and then came home only to have to get my DH out the door for work. I'm going to head to bed here soon but wanted to catch up at my scrapping boards and blog.

Tomorrow my goal is to get 2 lo's completed. Wish me luck!


Michelle W. said...

good luck! I hope you get 2 done tomorrow.