Saturday, June 03, 2006

My First Effer Dare and LOTD

I've really been trying to broaden my scrapping skills. I LOVE trying different techniques and trying new things. I finally decided to try an Effer Dare... if you haven't ever heard of the Effer Dares visit their blog site by clicking

Basically, a group of greatly talented artists create a theme for creating a Layout. This week's dare was to use take your bad photos and make them look stellar. Here's what I created with two blurry pictures from NYC.

I like how it turned out! I'm going to go back and do some of the other dares! Try it.. they are fun!

I also started doing the Lay Out of the Day in The Pub at 2peas. Here's the LO I did today.

The journalling reads: All of the years you and Casey have spent going to Jennings has really meant a lot to you both. Every year you look forward to the time you'll spend on the lake fishing. Your dad and Casey's dad used to go there every year when they were young and now they bring you two. Hopefully it will be a "tradition" you will carry on you will carry on with your son.

I'm looking forward to getting some pages done this weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend scrapping or doing whatever you have planned!