Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bloggity Blog... This is gonna be a LONG Post!

I recently joined in the Layout A Day challange at 2Peas in The Pub.. I've been loving it.. it's motivating me to scrap everyday.
I've done it each day and posted each day since June 1. Tonight my camera batteries died and of course I don't have a new set in the house. So, I have to run to get batteries tomorrow morning so I can post my LO.

I've got lots going on at home.. My sister-in-law and her 8yr old son just moved in with us this past weekend, and are staying her about a month. Long story short.. she's going through a divorce and needs help getting back on her feet. Needless to say, anytime you have additional people in the house, things don't run like normal. I love my SIL to death, and I'm trying my best to get her to focus on anything but being depressed. It's been almost 1 year since they've seperated. I think she needs to get a grip and find another outlet to take her mind off things. I've tried to get to scrap with me.. and she wants to, she just keeps getting upset looking at family pictures, brings back to many memories and then we have the cry session all over again.

Tonight, my DD and I went shopping. Went to Old Navy and American Eagle to get some shorts and shirts for the annual beach vacation. I had fun spending one on one time with my daughter. Now that she has her drivers liscence.. I don't see much of her anymore. I guess that's part of growing up huh? We went buy to see Mom and Dad tonight on the way back from the Mall.

I'm really looking into getting a new camera. Want to get the Canon Rebel XT before we go to the beach. I've got a little saved and since it's my birthday next month, I'm hoping I can talk my parents and DH into helping me get the camera as a birthday present. I really really want this camera!!

Small toot.. I entered one of my sunrise photos.. (actually it's the one up in my banner) in a photography contest and I just received a letter stating my photo made it to the semi-finals and will be published in a book. I'm excited!!! Even if I don't win.. just getting it published in a book is really exciting to me!

Well.. I guess I've rambled enough.. I'll post more tomorrow with photos!



Scrap N Happy / Lisa said...

Congrats on the photo toot! GREAT job, it is a beautiful photo.