Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Blogger Challange - 2Peas

Challenge: Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!

chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate... isn't it written somewhere a woman can not live without chocolate?
sandals or barefoot?
Being from Florida... barefoot. I never wear shoes in my house. Flip Flops or sandals are my shoe of choice when leaving the house!
basic grey or scenic route?
Well... I've not purchased Scenic Route.. but I do love Basic Grey. I'm always heading to the BG area at the LSS!
primas or HS flowers?
Ugh... love them both... I have only purchased the tiny primas.. I bought my first HS flowers and love them too!
computer journaling or handwritten?
I do both. I prefer computer journaling because it makes my LO look much more clean and crisp. But, I do hand journal alot too.
Madonna or Gwen Stefani?
Neither. Trisha Yearwood, Martina or Wynonna!
Leno or Conan?
Definetely Leno!! He just cracks me up.
Koolaid or Crystal Lite?
Crystal Lite.. hands down.
American Idol or Amazing Race?
American Idol!! Love that show... I've watched amazing race a few times, but never really could get into it.
catlover or doglover?
Both! I have two cats and one dog. But I have to say.. Dogs hold a special place in my heart!