Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Blogger Challange - 2Peas

I've been out of town in NYC for the past few days.. tomorrow morning I'm off again to chaperone a school trip for ROTC. We're going to Parris Island, Marine Corp Boot Camp in South Carolina. It's always a fun trip and I'm looking forward to going!

Won't be around to blog until Sunday!

Here's my Wednesday Blog Challange....

Challenge: You find/win/are given/inherit $100,000. Make a list and itemize exactly what you would do with the money.

Spending $100,000.00 would not be hard and I'm sure it would go way to fast.

First I'd spend $10,000.00 to buy each of my children a dependable car.

I'd then spend $10,000.00 to pay off my debts... loans and credit cards.

I'd pay off my car which would be another $5,000.00.

I'd tithe $10,000.00 to my church.

I'd put new hardwood floors in my living room and kitchen which would probably cost about $5,000.00

I'd take my family on the cruise we've been wanting to go on for two years. Cost $8,000.00

I'd spend $10,000.00 on other home improvements such as painting, new furniture, fix up my patio and redecorate my bathroom.. I hate the wallpaper!

Buy me some new clothes. $2,000.00

Put $5000.00 in savings for each child.

Add on a nice Scrapping Studio, Not sure what that will cost.

Remaining would go into my savings account.


BonnieRose said...

love your list.. I always wanted to go on a cruise too!

ejmom said...

your list is great!