Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday's Blogger Challange from 2Peas

Have fun with these! Looking forward to reading your blogs!
1. I almost peed myself when I met Garth Brooks for the first time.
2. Country music = My musical passion.
3. The smell of leather reminds me of my first pair of cowboy boots.
4. When I was little my mom told me to treat people with kindness no matter who they are or how they treat you.
5. The last time I screamed was because my son scared the daylights out of me by sneaking up on me.
6. The one person I aspire to be most like is my mother.
7. I drink Diet Coke every day.
8. I scrapbook because I love telling a story with the photos I take.
9. People drive me crazy when they don't look me in the eye when talking to me.
10. A special gift I remember receiving, that meant the world to me, was necklace from my Aunt in Germany. I don't get to see her very often, and the gift was totally a surprise. I still cherish that necklace to this day.