Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Monday Blogger Challange for 2 Peas

Challenge: List the top 5 locations/places you would love TO LIVE in the world today, if you had the chance. Elaborate if you wanna.. why these places??? Use as much detail as you would like.

1. Germany- I absolutely love Germany. My mother was born and raised there so I am lucky enough to get to go and visit. The last time I was there was in 2000. Haven't been back since 9/11. I love the beauty of this country, the food, the culture and the people.

2. Nashville, Tennesse- This is my favorite place in the US to visit. I have a dear friend that lives in Music City and I love country music. I would love to be able to enjoy all the country music happenings that city has to offer. The scenery is beautiful, mountains and trees.. so different from Florida.

3. North Carolina- another place I'd love to live because of the beauty, peacefulness and friendly people.

4. New Symrna Beach, Florida- This is my favorite vacation spot. I'd love to have a home on the beach. I love the ocean, love to watch the sunrise on the horizon and love listening to the calming sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

5. Portland, Oregon- I've always heard it's a wonderful place to live. If I had to choose a place on the West Coast I'd choose Portland. My cousin just moved there, so atleast I'd know someone!


Michelle W. said...

Love to go to Germany too (if I wasn't afriad of flying that is)

Portland is a wonderful place! My dh was born there! I wish we could go up there to visit soon! I've heard so many great things about that place!


Laura said...

I live just south of Portland, and lived there until moving here 8 years ago. It's a wonderful place to live. Anywhere in Oregon is actually. It's just gorgeous!