Saturday, August 12, 2006

Do you ever have one of those days..weeks, months.. years??

Life has been a rollercoaster lately. Well for the past 3 months at the least. Summer is finally over here.. that doesn't mean weather wise, it means the kids are back in school! Whew.. this is the last year for Eric. He's a senior and Kristina is a junior. If I can survive to get Eric on to graduation.. I'll know that God does answer prayers! He's been a struggle. So far so good, but this is only the 2nd week of school coming up.

I found out on Monday that I'm losing my job. My job is being moved up to the home office in Ohio, and since I'm not willing to relocate, (which honestly wasn't even offered, but the boss knew I wouldn't pack up and move) I have to find another method of income. I'll have 3 more weeks of working, then a severance package which was atleast nice.

After alot of thinking, praying and soul searching, I've decided I'm going to start my own photography business doing portraiture. Children, Family and Senior (high school) portraits.
I've got my business name picked out.. " Creative Images by Monica" and went to the CPA last week for a consult on what I need to do to get this business off the ground. I'm really excited and nervous and the same time. I've created a blog for the business until I get my website up and running. You can check out my photos and specials I'm running by visiting:

I have my first photo session tomorrow evening with complete strangers! I'll be taking family portraits for a family of 3.. from Riverview... and am looking forward to it.

Just wanted to pop in and let you know what I've been up to. Haven't had a minute to scrapbook lately. I need to get some pages done!

Till next time... Have a great weekend!